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  Shark t-shirts show off the animal that rules the sea. These shark t-shirts exemplify the power, aggression and beauty of the most dangerous sea mammal to roam the earth. Buy a few shark t-shirts for the entire family today!  

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In some form, sharks have been around for about 400 million years.

Even before dinosaurs roamed the earth, sharks hunted through the oceans!

They're such good survivors that sharks have had little need to evolve in the last 150 million years.

Almost all sharks are "carnivores" or meat eaters. They live on a diet of fish and sea mammals (like dolphins and seals) and even such prey as turtles and seagulls.

Sharks even eat other sharks. For example, a tiger shark might eat a bull shark, a bull shark might eat a blacktip shark and a blacktip shark might eat a dogfish shark!

The teeth of the carnivores are sharp and pointy. Their skeleton is made of cartilage instead of bone, which allows greater flexibility.

Their skin is made of denticles instead of ordinary fish scales. The denticles are constructed like hard, sharp teeth and help to protect the shark from injury.

Some sharks have eyes similar to a cat. A mirror-like layer in their eyes allows them to see better in the water. This allows the shark to hunt in clear seas or murky water.

One of the reasons that sharks are such successful predators is that they have such super senses. Two-thirds of a shark's brain is dedicated to its keenest sense -- smell.

Normally, sharks eat alone. But sometimes one feeding shark attracts others. They swim up as quickly as possible and all begin to try to get a piece of the prey. They bite wildly at anything that gets in their way -- even each other.

Not all sharks are fierce carnivores. Some are quite harmless. Oddly enough, the most harmless sharks tend to be the largest! The basking shark, the whale shark and the megamouth sharks all fit this description.

Sharks have a few unusual senses. They are able to feel vibrations in the water using a line of canals that go from its head to its tail.

The most dangerous sharks are the Great White shark, the Tiger shark, the Hammerhead shark, the Mako shark and the Bull shark.

On average, there are only about 100 shark attacks each year and only 10 of those result in a human death.

Hammerheads are fierce predators that use their great sense of smell to find prey. They eat fish, including rays and other sharks, as well as octopuses, squid and crustaceans.
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