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Animal T-shirts

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Animal T-shirts Emporium (ATE) sells white, 100-percent cotton t-shirts in adult sizes S-XL and child sizes S-XL. The products sold on the ATE site are all name brands such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, Gildan or Jerzees.



Ooh, I love the creatures featured on the Animal T-shirts Emporium site, especially the apes and the monkeys. Unlike in real life the monkeys on t-shirts do not throw pooh at you when you walk by or give you the raspberry. The monkeys on these t-shirts are much friendlier. I think I will wear one to bed tonight. A t-shirt that is, not a monkey.

- Jane Goodall

Now let's watch Jim being strangled by an anaconda. Let's watch Jim being devoured by a lion. Let's watch Jim' carcass being skeletonized by the Amazon piranha. That Jim sure is a good sport. Neither anaconda, nor lion, nor piranha can get that skeletonized smile off of Jim's face.

- Marlin Perkins

She's a beauty! I mean the crocs on these t-shirts will all but jump out and grab ya! I might just dangle my baby in front of one of these t-shirt crocs and see what happens. My baby's a beauty too, but these crocs have great chompers.

- Croc Hunter

Lassie! Timmy's down the well. Lassie, Timmy's fallen in a crevice! Lassie, Timmy's drowning in the ocean. Lassie, Timmy's fallen off the glacier. Lassie, Timmy's fallen inside an abandoned gold mine. Lassie, it's time to pick a more coordinated owner. A well, a crevice and a gold mine, Lassie, it's time you gave little Timmy a nip.

- Walter Cronkite

Hey, stop riding me! Every day, it's "Jump a little higher to get the fish. Jump a little higher to get the fish." I'm sick and tired of jumping a little higher to get the fish. Why don't YOU jump a little higher to get the fish. I'm working my tale off here just to get the same ole fish.

- Shamu

These products are great, I mean simply great! Nowhere else can you get great products like these. These are even greater than great, they are super great. And I ain't lion.

- Siegfried










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