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Pet Beds


Pet beds come in all shapes and sizes. Pet beds also come in all different levels of quality. From basic to luxury, all pet beds are not the same. Some pet beds filled with bean bag pellets may provide relief from hip dysplasia, arthritis and improve blood circulation. Others may be in the shape of donuts or igloos or even pet bed sofas and provide all levels of comfort and health accommodations.

Most pet beds are geared towards cat, dogs or both. There may be just as many pet bed varieties as there are human beds. For instance, one hundred years ago had anyone ever imagined their house cat reclining on a thermal, heated kitty window sill perch? Or did anyone have an inkling that a kitty race car bed would ever exist? For that matter, would your great grandparents ever conceive that their dog might one day be laying on a thermo-regulating pet bed or a designer memory foam sleigh bed or a hand-made rattan dog bed plaited with jamatah?

Pet beds have come a long way, baby. Some pet beds double as car seats. Others are comfortable high-rise pet apartments. Wanna buy a schnauzer snoozer, a bulldog bunk bed, a Siamese twin bed or a coon cat condo?

Pet beds have as many personalities as the pets themselves. From the post-modernist fine art luxury pet beds to fine furniture inspired pet beds with filled with Sherpa fleece to the basic leopard-skin lazy pet lounger, the pet bed manufacturers continue to outdo themselves.

While most pet beds are geared toward cats and dogs (and some targeted to specific breeds as well), many pet beds can do double-duty for exotic pets as well. Have a raccoon, turtle or bunny that could use a special soft place to rest? Buy a pet bed to match your exotic pet. Or perhaps you have a regular pet with an exotic personality? Once again, there is such a huge variety of pet beds that you can't help find one that matches your pet's happy, grumpy, dopey or sleepy personality.

Got a pet birthday or a holiday coming up? Surprise the pet of your choice with a comfortable and eye-catching bed that they will flip over. You may be king of your castle, but doesn't your pet deserve a little luxury also? Get yourself a pet bed now and your pet will let you know how much you're loved.










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