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Bear T-shirts

  Bear t-shirts are ways we can remind each other of the wonders of bear. The artistry on these bear t-shirts show the wonderment and romance that has been a part our mythology and culture for eons. Buy a few bear t-shirts for the family and wear them proudly.  
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Perhaps no other animals have so excited the human imagination as bears. References to bears are found in ancient and modern literature, folk songs, legends, mythology, children stories, and cartoons. Bears are among the first animals that children learn to recognize.

This sillouetted black bear has a clean, elegant style and depicted the bear readying himself for the resting position.

Not only is this a great northern bear but the artistry also depicts the Great Bear Constellation, Ursa Major.

Remember only you can prevent forest fires so wear this t-shirt and remind all of your friends.

The elegant and modern woodcut-style artistry on this bear keep alive the wonderment of bears in our culture.

This sunset bear sillouette shows the essence of bears in nature.

This bear face is an attention-getter when worn on one of our fabulous t-shirts.

The grizzly bear is a symbol of the American wilderness. Lewis and Clark found a healthy grizzly population when they explored Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains in the early 19th century.

Curious bears will often sit on their haunches and look at those looking at them.

This cartoon bear symbolizes the playfulness of bears and the agility of bears as have been demostrated in the old Barnum and Bailey circuses.

This egyptian-style bear depicts a guard-bear that may very well guard a palace or a pyramid.

This egyptian-style bear head is a fanciful derrivation between two cultures.

A famous cartoonist named Clifford Berryman drew a cartoon based on Teddy Roosevelt's rescue of helpless bear. When a store owner in Brooklyn saw the cartoon, he decided to make toy bears to sell in his shop and asked permission of Mr. Roosevelt to use the name, Teddy Bear.

This photo of a momma and baby bear depicts the exceptionally close connection inside bear families.

The photo of a grizzled male grizzly depicts not only the size but power and aggressiveness of the male.
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