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Africa Animal T-shirts

  Africa t-shirts features the animals of Africa. From monkeys to Rhinos to humpee-back camels, just select the picture you like of some African animal t-shirts and we will ship those to you right away. You can't beat the animals of Africa for t-shirts.  
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This woodcut art style of baboon is a favorite of kids and adults alike.

The squirrel-monkey is famous for his playfulness in the African jungles.

The gorilla is the king of the apes and boasts a ferocious roar and impeccable social order.

The chimpanzee is perhaps the smartest of the monkeys and has been taught sign language in several leading laboratory settings.

This little monkey can leap 10 feet and likes to hang by his tale.

This African Rhino is an artsy rendition of one of Africa's most powerful and aggressive land animals.

The blue rhino is a very detailed line drawing capturing the realism of this African beast.

As a whimsical rendition, this rhino cartoon is not the fierce beast he is made out to be.

The giraffe can stand up to 17 ft. tall and weigh up to 4200 lbs. This is a detailed line drawing of this elegant creature.

An African artist decided to make a more playful rendition of the giraffe in his own native style.

This woodcut style drawing of three hippos is rendered in a modern style and features the tranquility in which the hippo spends most of his life.

Hippopotamus roarus, or the roaring hippo is a fierce and uncommon sight along the African plains.

Domesticated thousands of years ago by frankincense traders, the camel went on to become the desert dweller's primary source of transport, shade, milk, meat, wool and hides

Close relatives of the horse persist in the wild today in several parts of Africa which fall into the genus Equus.

The wildebeest, also known as the gnu, is a large antelope. The bull's deep grunts sound like a giant croaking frog. Because of its appearance and spirited behavior, Dutch settlers in South Africa named the animal wildebeest.
Goods and services provided by / Digital Enterprises (CA, USA). Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).


Show your support for the creatures of the world and the environment and buy a few t-shirts today. Also, tell your friends and neighbors where you bought your t-shirts.















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